She Will Not Look Behind [Poem]

Like wax melting bit by bit,

Starting to run down,

Life unravels inch by inch,

Crashing to the ground.

She will not look behind.

Like darkness hovering in the midst,

Before the light breaks through,

You can her pain as she lets go

And begins her journey new.

She will not look behind.

Like a soldier prepped for battle

With the enemy in sight,

She sets her target for destruction

Heading onward towards the fight.

She will not look behind.

One by one they gather,

Ripped from the depths of her soul.

Fearless she remains,

With her feet firmly planted,

She will not look behind.

Like anger, her heart stays fleeting,

Her determination sounds,

As she leaves the chains behind her

That kept her weighted down.

She will not look behind.

Like a traveler headed homeward,

Weary of the long road ahead,

Still she continues walking,

Knowing not by which she’s lead.

She will not look behind. 

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7 thoughts on “She Will Not Look Behind [Poem]

    • Thanks, sweet lady. This poem was originally written in April of 2006! But I ran across it recently and rewrote it. I believe in its words a litte more now. Forward is the only way to go and fierce is about the only way to do it. So.. Here’s to trying! 😉


  1. Great poetry, glad you stopped by my crazy blog. A forceful and strong poem, and also I might add that what I liked about your bio is when you say that we should stop asking the government to save us from our own actions. That is the key to prosperity for a nation in my humble opinion. You have to take responsibility for your own actions or inactions for that mater, and stop blaming everybody around you. It leads you nowhere but to a path of self destruction. I discovered that some time ago, and since then things get better. Life is not fair, so be it, just fight your way through it. It´s all you can do.

    Great blog you have here, so if you don´t mind I´ll be dropping by once in a while to do what I have coined “my cool stalker moves”.

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