It’s Not Always About Girls


When you are a victim of domestic violence, child abuse or trauma, pain has a way of making you stand and defend your gender.

As a result, women get ten times more attention than male survivors when it comes to rape and domestic violence.

We believe that because the statistics report an overwhelming amount of female victims, men do not suffer nearly as often as girls, but we’re wrong.

In fact, I would be willing to say the rates are nearly the same. We just can’t prove it.

Men are victims, too.

Male victims rarely report it. Why? Males have stereotypes placed on them just like the girls do.

Men are strong!

Real men don’t cry!

A man doesn’t lose a fight to a girl!

Men can’t be victims! They’re men!

Nope. They’re just human. Domestic violence, rape, abuse and trauma, hurt everyone.

Support groups for men often fail because men still try…

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A Pledge to Love

We believe that love changes people.

We will empower each other to be the boss of our own voice and take charge of our future.

We will speak out and stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

We will cultivate endurance, strength and perseverance.

We will provide an interactive platform that allows children to share their stories and pursue their dreams.

We will enable each other to overcome pain and adversity, mediocrity, complacency and trauma.

We will rise together in advocacy, partnership and business.

We will echo to the voices of children so that our message is heard across the nation.

We rally behind each other in pursuit of leadership and prosperity.

We will respect diversity and individuality and we will show the same love and respect to all people.

We will comfort those who are hurting, bruised, broken and wounded.

We will be a fruitful foundation of empowerment, prosperity, compassion and empathy.

We will speak for the kids of the world who will echo our message for generations to come.

We will stand united in passion and strong in confidence and determination.

We will strive to supplement each other’s strengths and talents and enhance their vision.

We will face adversity together as soldiers, leaving no child behind and no voice unheard.

This is our mission:

To spread love, compassion and empowerment.

We are poets, artists, and writers; advocates, students, sisters and brothers.

We’re strong, opinionated and driven. We own it and flaunt it.

May we be a powerful force in this world and may our voices be the echo that moves millions.


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I Just Wanted To Tell You

Dear Loved Ones

Rest In Love™

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