I hush my lips

and close my eyes.

I will not say a word.

Emotions stalled,

My pulse is low.

Even screaming,

I’m unheard.

The rain beats down,

The thunder roars,

I stand frozen in my steps.

Black winds blow

A chilling breeze

As I stand

Soaking in regrets.

I close my eyes,

I go to sleep,

Still no comfort

comes to me.

In my mind,

The vision fades that,

In the past,

had set me free.

I cut the vein,

I spill the blood,

To prove

there’s life within.

Cover the scars,

Paint the smile,

So on the inside,

I can mend.

I hush my lips

and close my eyes.

I will not say a word.

Emotions stalled,

My pulse is low,

Even screaming,

I’m unheard.

I wrote this poem following sexual assault in 2007. It is not a cry for help. But for others, poems like this are a cry for help. Pay attention to the blogs you read! People need to know they matter.

Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention

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I carry pain.

I carry it like

a thick cloak of

wool buttoned tightly

around my neck.

I find myself

gasping for air.

I walk

adorned in pain,

my heart bleeding.

My legs hit the

pavement with a

sodden, lifeless thud.

I’m drenched in pain,

But continue to walk.

I approach others,

I see their cloaks

weighing heavily

on their shoulders.

I remove the wool,

tying it like

a noose around

my own neck.

I carry pain.

I walk adorned in pain.

I’m drenched in pain

like a thick

cloak of wool

saturated with 

every yesterday

and every


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I Have Been Loved Before

I have been loved before.
Savored the taste
Like fine wine
On a summer night,
The ocean waves
Brushing over
My feet.
I have been loved before.
Driven by lust,
Lured by passion
Until the dawn’s light,
Then again
At dusk.
I have been loved before.
Like a forbidden fruit
Perfectly polished,
Primed and plump,
Directly from
Cupid’s lips.
I have been loved before.
Grasped for warmth
As it escaped
Through the door.
I have loved,
And clutched sorrow’s
Hand through each
Lonely night
Until morn.
I have been loved before.

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