She Will Not Look Behind [Poem]

Like wax melting bit by bit,

Starting to run down,

Life unravels inch by inch,

Crashing to the ground.

She will not look behind.

Like darkness hovering in the midst,

Before the light breaks through,

You can her pain as she lets go

And begins her journey new.

She will not look behind.

Like a soldier prepped for battle

With the enemy in sight,

She sets her target for destruction

Heading onward towards the fight.

She will not look behind.

One by one they gather,

Ripped from the depths of her soul.

Fearless she remains,

With her feet firmly planted,

She will not look behind.

Like anger, her heart stays fleeting,

Her determination sounds,

As she leaves the chains behind her

That kept her weighted down.

She will not look behind.

Like a traveler headed homeward,

Weary of the long road ahead,

Still she continues walking,

Knowing not by which she’s lead.

She will not look behind. 

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Reminiscing The Aftermath [Poem]

Dark clouds linger

Mounted in gray.

War is waged.

The sunlight settles

Into clouded blankets.

The black Knight

Fights the dawn.

At a distance,

The masses gather

Raising their voices.

One last song

Carried faithfully on

Across the miles,

By soft winds

That never forget.

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Photo Courtesy of Chris Williams Exploration Photography

This Wasn’t Supposed To Be A Blog [Poem]

But Facebook wasn’t working.

I was talking to a friend via text. This friend has the most passionate, deep, amazing soul. But . . not many truly know it. In fact, the only way to reach this friend is in rare moments when the door is open.  So, tonight, I just had to jump and poetry was the moment! Mostly, I just wanted to save it! But, this works just as well!

The Text

Your doubt is your monster lurking within,

And pride plays second fiddle, right next to him.

Altogether, the tunes as they play in your head,

Whisper you lies and leave you for dead.

You tuck them away,

The words, thoughts and feelings,

Then you go face the world

With their music still singing!

There will come a day,

For you, I just know it,

That you realize you are great,

Instead of trying to show it.

And when you do, friend,

At last, you will see

How amazing your path will turn out to be,

Stop with the music.

Stop controlling the map.

Stop marking in red

Where you won’t find yourself at!

You were made to be great.

You either own it or you don’t.

But you cannot fly

Holding on to a rope.

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