Starlit Rendezvous

I dreamt you met me under the starlit moon,

A stranger of the night.

The vast stillness of the early hours

Echoed like madness in my mind.

I dreamt you met me under the starlit moon,

A wanderer of my soul,

And kissed away each fleeting thought

Which, on my heart, had taken toll.

I dreamt you met me under the starlit moon,

And held the warmth of your hand in mine.

Calming, for once, the demons that whisper,

For one breathless moment in time.

I dreamt you met me under the starlit moon

And traced your fingers along my skin.

As I weakly attempted to guard my own heart,

While I surrendered my flesh to your sin.

I dreamt you met me under the starlit moon,

And you sang your lullaby so sweetly

That even an angel would cave to your lure

And relinquish her halo completely.

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9 thoughts on “Starlit Rendezvous

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