An Open Letter to the Other Me

Dear Self,

I hear your heartache every day for all of the people and places outside of your reach. Why, oh why, do you focus on your feet, not the ground beneath you?

I feel the tears stream down your face as you break over all of the ways life has cost you. I know you’ve seen many defeats. You’ve also seen many victories. May I remind you?

You look in the mirror and you hate what you see. Most people don’t know you have every reason. And while you’re hating yourself for things the world cannot see, somewhere out there is a girl just like me. Cosmetically challenged, mentally anguished and broken. She, too, has every reason to be. And the beauty the world sees in your pictures, she will never see. She’s mocked, bullied, and exploited when she walks down the street. Be grateful for the fact you can fake it.

You look at your empty home and your barren family tree and you feel abandoned. When it comes to late-night conversations and early morning pep talks, it’s just you and me. The same goes for special occasions. Where is your child? Is she near you? Is she asleep? Somewhere out there is a girl, just like me, who has no family or loved ones.

She goes to school every day, she goes to work every day, and she feels like she’s not even seen. No one hears a word she says, and trust me, she speaks with a scream. When she goes home at night, there is no one. No temper tantrums, ouchies, kisses or hugs. No love as she lies down to sleep. Look at your child. Isn’t she gorgeous? She’ll be by your side until she’s eighteen.

Now, look at your screen. See all those thumbs, likes, and tweets? See all of those faces and comments? See all of those people? Connection. The world listens when you dare to speak! So, I know you feel all alone, without hope, but I wish you could see what I see.

You live in the middle of a pile of rocks, and they all look the same. But you are the most collected.

Miss Ugly Me

Miss Ugly Me

You’re Beautiful