I hush my lips

and close my eyes.

I will not say a word.

Emotions stalled,

My pulse is low.

Even screaming,

I’m unheard.

The rain beats down,

The thunder roars,

I stand frozen in my steps.

Black winds blow

A chilling breeze

As I stand

Soaking in regrets.

I close my eyes,

I go to sleep,

Still no comfort

comes to me.

In my mind,

The vision fades that,

In the past,

had set me free.

I cut the vein,

I spill the blood,

To prove

there’s life within.

Cover the scars,

Paint the smile,

So on the inside,

I can mend.

I hush my lips

and close my eyes.

I will not say a word.

Emotions stalled,

My pulse is low,

Even screaming,

I’m unheard.

I wrote this poem following sexual assault in 2007. It is not a cry for help. But for others, poems like this are a cry for help. Pay attention to the blogs you read! People need to know they matter.

Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention

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I carry pain.

I carry it like

a thick cloak of

wool buttoned tightly

around my neck.

I find myself

gasping for air.

I walk

adorned in pain,

my heart bleeding.

My legs hit the

pavement with a

sodden, lifeless thud.

I’m drenched in pain,

But continue to walk.

I approach others,

I see their cloaks

weighing heavily

on their shoulders.

I remove the wool,

tying it like

a noose around

my own neck.

I carry pain.

I walk adorned in pain.

I’m drenched in pain

like a thick

cloak of wool

saturated with 

every yesterday

and every


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The Clock [Poem]

The clock stopped

The hours

Like minutes

The minutes

Like seconds


The clock stopped

The eyes fixed


The dreams give way to terror


The clock stopped

The pulse slowed down

The breath of life


The hours

The dreams

The pulse

The living

The clock


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