I Wish I Had Been Abused By Gender Ideology

The American College of Pediatricians announced, “Gender Ideology Harms Children.”

In fact, they labeled families who endorse it or have children who struggle with disorders that might embrace gender ideology as “abusive.”

I’m not a scholar, and I certainly do not write for the American Psychological Association, but I have some expertise in the area. If you ask me, the notion is lacking and dangerous.

As a child, I could have used some gender ideology in my home.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome started causing hormonal imbalance by the age of eight. A disorder that medical professionals and researchers still do not know much about today; a disorder not so uncommon to those who struggle with gender identity or who fall amongst the transgender community.

So, I want to tell you about being abusive firsthand.

Abusive is when a disorder or illness is ignored because of cosmetic ideations based on social and cultural norms. Abusive is watching your child become a disfigured “woman” because medical treatments go uncovered or unattempted.

Abusive is watching your child live so uncomfortably in his/her own skin that he/she cannot look in the mirror, go to school every day, go on a date, attend prom or hang out at the mall with friends, but doing absolutely nothing to change it.

Abusive is a system so concerned with professional (and financial) acceptance that it labels those who struggle with finding themselves, those who struggle with feeling like a boy or a girl, abnormal. Freaks. Sinners. Impure.

Abusive is a system that leaves those who struggle with gender identity holding up help signs in the middle of busy streets while their screams are being ignored!

We had a lot of that kind of abuse in my family. The cuts and the bruises still have not healed.

I wish I had been abused by gender ideology.

I wish I had been abused by controversial perspectives and unorthodox treatment options, instead of a mother who made me feel like a boy. I wish I had been abused by something that gave me a little hope in this darkened world! But I wasn’t.

I was, however, abused by the system. I was abused by religious culture, broken health care policies, and systematic neglect like the American College of Pediatricians just set the foundation for, and I’m writing this today, in case I never get my doctorate, to say this:

We are not all the same, and many of us out there need medical professionals to remember what and who they are fighting for.

Oklahoma cited this research when writing yet another state bill to fight against coed bathrooms in schools. Oklahoma used this research to justify why it is okay that state discrimination and abuse of the transgender and LGBT community continues to go ignored.

I hold the American College of Pediatricians responsible.

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What Would Jesus Say to Leelah Alcorn?

In my last blog, I wrote a response to a Christian Blogger who had posted a public response to my thoughts about Leelah Alcorn. This morning, I just wanted to add one quick thought.

What Would Jesus Say To Someone Like Leelah Alcorn?

Pastor Kell said it best.
Jesus would say every life matters. He would say,


We get so distracted by religion and judgement, we stop showing our love. It’s dangerous and deadly. And I can’t help but notice how the devil sure does look a lot like people.

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Penciling In Love

Just call me the Grinch. This is my theory on why we love the holiday season.

Why do we love the holidays?

No, Santa isn’t real. No, Jesus wasn’t born December 25th.

In fact, 20 percent of the population makes no claim to any religion at all, but 77 percent of the United States identify as Christian believers.

So, what do we do? We declare and observe a national holiday and dress it up with Santa Claus for those who don’t believe.

Then, on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, we’ll honor those who fought and died so that we could have religious freedom.

Valentine’s Day: Raise your hand if you know why we celebrate Valentines Day. Now, raise your hand if you know who Saint Valentine is or why he’s important enough to have a day named after him.

He was a Christian martyr who performed weddings for soldiers, which was against the law.

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love, not him. Meanwhile, our national divorce rate thrives. For my state, it’s 13.6 percent. What about your state?

We don’t care.

A dozen red roses to the love of our life!

Thanksgiving & the 4th of July: Do you know how America really became a free country? Do you know how we achieved the American dream?

Kill the Indian. Save the man.

We imprisoned, even killed, children after taking them from their families and forced them to work for and be like us. Then, we took the fruit of their mother and father’s harvest and we sold it, offering them a fraction of the profit for their own hard work and we still do the same thing.

What are the holidays for us?

Holidays are when we give to others so that we feel good. They are when we remember the less fortunate, but we don’t have the time to give real love or concern. So, we open our pocketbooks as long as it doesn’t impact our own budget. After all, it’s tax season and charity can be written-off, right?

Holidays are when we remember to say “I love you” to our spouses and children, family and friends; a quick letter in the mail should do just fine. We’re too busy for phone calls. We have lights to hang, gifts to wrap, and flowers to order! On second thought, we’ll just send an email or text.

Holidays are when we remember to go to church and we get extra days off of work. After all, we need to dress up for pictures anyway; two birds, one stone!

We deserve a break and God is good!

Holidays are when we return to our ex husband or wife and “mend” our broken families because we’d rather be content and complacent than alone for the holiday season. First big move of the new year? Divorce! But at least we weren’t alone.

We did it for the children!


Why do we celebrate?

Because, all around us, the music is playing, the lights are twinkling, the carolers are singing, the markets are buzzing and that’s just our way of life.

This is the way that it should be. It’s tradition and traditions are important to us. We’re Christian. This is our faith. We’re Americans!

We’re dreamers and liars hidden by hype.

We’re lost on social networks, flooded in busy-work and engulfed with pride. We’re greedy, indulgent, selfish and lazy.

We bite on the apple of temptation every time we pass by. We’re adulterers, squanderers, sinners and daydreamers posing as saints. We’re busy, petty, judgemental and biased.

We’re optimists blinded by rose-colored glasses. We drink from a poisonous cup.

We’re human.

This is our culture, penciling in when to give and to love.

Feel like giving a little love away this year? Visit The Wounded Warrior Project, No Kid HungryJust Give, UNICEF or St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Pencil more love into the New Year! Little is much.