‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ As Told By A Single Mother

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, just me by myself.

Lanna Mae in her bed and the puppy in mine,

I focused my attention on gift wrapping—fourth try.

The stockings were strung through the house, here and there.

While Veggie Tales and Jingle Bells rang in my ears.

When from the next room, there arose such a clatter,

Mom to the rescue to see what was the matter!

Towards the bedroom I headed, with two left feet and a sigh,

Hoping my daughter would fall back asleep and not cry.

When what to my sleepy eyes did appear?

One poop covered child and no flying reindeer!

I silently panicked and approached my dilemma,

Adding even more tasks to my growing agenda.

After bath number two and steam cleaning carpet,

6 a.m. had arrived, but my night had just started!

And you could hear me exclaim,

As I walked out of sight,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Happy holidays from our home to yours! ♥

How to Be a Parent: Taking A Breather

I’m an amateur blogger, professional rambler, full-time college student, part-time daydreamer, wanna-be poet lost in thought . . . and a new parent.

I’m a single mom.

My daughter is one and I’m raising her alone. Needless to say, I take a lot of breathers!

I’m also a fan of Aristotle and Mary Poppins. So when I ran across this blog, it immediately caught my attention. At the end, we’re reminded that our children should be the center of our parenting and our desire to be the best parent that we can be. I couldn’t agree more.

Our children should be the center of our life and our parenting every single day. 

I hope my daughter continues to be my reminder to breathe, relax and slow down. I hope she always demands my attention. I hope she interrupts me ten more times before I finish this post. I hope she colors on the wall at some point, needs me in the middle of the night, stays up until dawn, and stays the primary reason that Excedrin stays close by at all times.

I’ll take it.

Because if those human, messy mommy moments were to ever go missing from my life…

The silence would kill me.

My Daughter, Lanna Mae

She’s my heart.

There’s not enough time.

Many parents today make it okay to be “too busy.” We justify it with: “There’s work to be done and bills to be paid.” “Dinner isn’t going to fix itself.” “I’m almost done with this call. Hold on! Sit still. Be quiet!”

As parents, we never have enough hours in the day. We wake up and we rush through it; same hustle and flow until sundown. And then we have the time and our children become our center.

But, for me, I demand more of myself for my daughter. I quickly learned to say, “It can wait.” It’s not always easy. Sometimes, school and life obligations are just as demanding of my attention. But…

“Mom” means that we should make it a point—not an option.

Work will always be there. The bills, dust and laundry, will always be there, too. Tomorrow you’re not promised your child’s hand to hold, the sun to come up or even your life.

Love them today.

Her smile let’s me know I’m doing something right. That’s a start. And she makes the exhaustion, stained carpet, overflowing laundry baskets, dirty dishes and dirty diapers, worth every minute.

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