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Dear Loved Ones

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Mom, Do You Know How Important You Are?

Dear Mom,

Do you know how important you are? You are so very important. Please, believe it. Own it! You matter the most, mom. It’s true!

I was adopted at the age of two. In 2007, I met my biological mother for the first time. I was willing to let her be a part of my life. She was only a child when she gave birth to three kids. I understood.

I haven’t seen my mother since then. She lives all the way in New York and I live in Oklahoma. On Christmas day, I wrote her a letter and told her goodbye. I believed that was a gift to myself.

I was hurting.

Then, I started to think about love and compassion and the message I’ve been sharing this past week with my readers as I’ve advocated for suicide prevention in response to the Leelah Alcorn’s death and the role that her mother and father played in it.

Leelah needed to hear her parents loved her and she was important. She needed to know her life mattered to them.

But she didn’t.

My mother matters to me. Our relationship might be broken and sticky but it’s important to me and I love her. She is my mother. She deserves to know that she matters to me. So, I told her.

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You matter! You are exceptionally important, and it’s not because of dirty dishes, laundry or dinner.

You’re the mom.

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You’re the parent.

The way your child feels is important. You don’t have to understand it. You just have to tell them you love them, you hear them, they’re important to you, and they matter!

Tonight, hug them and tell them how lucky you are that they are in your life. You really are lucky! Do you know that?

You gave birth to love in its purest form. You held it in your hands and you rocked it. Every day, it should grow bigger—that love.

Make sure that it does, mom.

Nourish it.

Tell your children you love them. Show them. Live it. Echo that same love every day of the week! Love them no matter what mistakes they make or words they say. Love them no matter the stresses that linger, the job that awaits, or the money in the bank. Tell them they matter.

You’re not promised your tomorrows and neither are they.

Love them today!

Dear Loved Ones

Bossy Kids

Suicide Prevention

Send an open letter to your loved ones and tell them that they matter.

Ferguson Has FINALLY Stopped Trending [Poem]

Two lives.


Injustice mourned.

Voices raised.

Hands up.



Four women.


Four students.


Action sought.

Voiced raised.

Signs up.




Turkey and dressing.

Macy’s Parade.

Turkey Presentation.


Seven days of thanks.

Stuffing our bellies.

Eating our pie.

The others?


The trending?


Our culture.


Nothing is wrong?

We schedule

When to give thanks

When to love.

This is our culture.

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