It’s Not Always About Girls


When you are a victim of domestic violence, child abuse or trauma, pain has a way of making you stand and defend your gender.

As a result, women get ten times more attention than male survivors when it comes to rape and domestic violence.

We believe that because the statistics report an overwhelming amount of female victims, men do not suffer nearly as often as girls, but we’re wrong.

In fact, I would be willing to say the rates are nearly the same. We just can’t prove it.

Men are victims, too.

Male victims rarely report it. Why? Males have stereotypes placed on them just like the girls do.

Men are strong!

Real men don’t cry!

A man doesn’t lose a fight to a girl!

Men can’t be victims! They’re men!

Nope. They’re just human. Domestic violence, rape, abuse and trauma, hurt everyone.

Support groups for men often fail because men still try…

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I Just Wanted To Tell You

Dear Loved Ones

Rest In Love™

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Ferguson Has FINALLY Stopped Trending [Poem]

Two lives.


Injustice mourned.

Voices raised.

Hands up.



Four women.


Four students.


Action sought.

Voiced raised.

Signs up.




Turkey and dressing.

Macy’s Parade.

Turkey Presentation.


Seven days of thanks.

Stuffing our bellies.

Eating our pie.

The others?


The trending?


Our culture.


Nothing is wrong?

We schedule

When to give thanks

When to love.

This is our culture.

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