I Have Been Loved Before

I have been loved before.
Savored the taste
Like fine wine
On a summer night,
The ocean waves
Brushing over
My feet.
I have been loved before.
Driven by lust,
Lured by passion
Until the dawn’s light,
Then again
At dusk.
I have been loved before.
Like a forbidden fruit
Perfectly polished,
Primed and plump,
Directly from
Cupid’s lips.
I have been loved before.
Grasped for warmth
As it escaped
Through the door.
I have loved,
And clutched sorrow’s
Hand through each
Lonely night
Until morn.
I have been loved before.

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It’s Quiet All Over The World


Isn’t it?

The silence

Of people.

And yet,

There is




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Love and Whiskey

As you stole a glance across the room,

As you locked your eyes on mine,

As words fell from your drunken lips,

As you unraveled my heart one string at a time,

As you stacked each brick upon my chest,

As you embezzled the air from my lungs,

As you paved your path to love’s grand illusion

With pebbles you had gathered off mine,

Did you know, as you left, you’d destroy me?

Did you care? Did you wonder at all?

Did my heart even cross your mind?

Or was I just your daydream,

Merely captured in whiskey

And savored …

One drink at a time.

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