I’ve Come

Fantastic Poets and their amazing Poetries!!!

The night’s no longer,
Nor is the day,
Of endless hunger,
Nor men astray.
For with a thunder,
God did say,
“No more plunder,
Nor evil ways.”

“I’ve come you see,
To put a stop
To mans disease,
Like days of Lot.
Men do tease,
With evil thought,
On bended knees,
They smite the rock.”

“Governments of death,
Nations of plutocracy,
Where evil nests,
Devouring democracy.
The people’s best,
Full of bureaucracy,
Never they rest,
In all their hypocrisy.”

“For lack of plenty,
The people starve,
Deprived of money,
Society marred.
What some think funny,
Leave others scarred,
Bees and honey,
Are forever barred.”

“Yes, you see,
With a hunger,
I’ve come to thee,
To cure my blunder.
You and me,
And all my wonder,
I take from thee,
And do so smother.”

And with his hand,
The night was no longer,
Nor was the day.

William Hancock © All…

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