We Are The Change

If you’re reading this, you’re a viral voice already. You put your hands to the keyboard and your spill your heart out paper. You are bloggers, poets, musicians, survivors and soldiers. You are advocates and educators, lawyers and doctors.

You echo a powerful message and you speak your passion through your art, your words, your music and your voice!

Your Matter!

Your story is important! Your dreams, goals and causes, are important. You are important.

Every day, you are composing your legacy and designing your mark on the world!

Your message to the world will echo for generations to come.

Imagine the volume if all our voices joined as one! Imagine if love and compassion went viral?

I wrote for all the viral woman of the world, much the one reading this! Let’s crank up the volume!

Now is the time. This is the year!

Change starts right here!

Bossy Kids

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