Dear Christian Blogger

Today I met a Christian blogger. “Culture of Violence?”  He wrote. Then, he proceeded with verbal assault.

Previously, I referenced his work, but I was respectful. I know how to hold my tongue when it comes to judging others. That’s not my place. I was called to love.

This is my personal response to the writer. 

Dear Christian Blogger,

Actually, the initial thoughts behind our culture of violence go much deeper than that.

Of course, you approached my blog with your glasses of judgement meticulously formulated and focused on your own way of thinking. After all, you’re a Christian. So, anything you do and say MUST be with good intentions, right?

You made sure to let me know it was “nothing personal.” It’s just your religion to point out people’s tragedies, shortcomings and faults, right? I understand.

You’re a Christian.

You have an important message to share with the world. Do you know what story I think of when I think of Christians much like yourself?

Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’ greatest servants. Others fed Him, worshiped Him, followed Him and shouted His praises…

She washed His dirty feet with her hair and she was humbled!

I imagine she felt so honored because she was a whore. (As you’ve attempted and failed to make me to be in your introduction.)

Or maybe she wasn’t holy enough or clean enough, much like the diseased woman who strained and reached out to simply touch the hem of His garment.

I imagine I’m a lot like them.

After all, that was your intention, right? You’ve got to appeal to your readers who are similar to you; their Bibles turned to the page that gives permission for judgement.

It’s okay. I understand.

You’re Christians.

My previous relationship was with a female. The next time you want to attack me, read further! You would have had great ammunition to keep you focused.

I began that relationship the same month that I was violently sexually assaulted in someone’s front yard, while 5 other people watched.

But hey, make light of my pain and use it for your sermon. Amen? Thank God, Jesus never did that!

In all of my articles, at no point do I ever blame police. However, when you’re a writer and you cover stories that are in the media, the facts that you report have to be exact. Your kind of judgement wouldn’t make it to Elite Daily. But hey, you’re welcome to try.

If you had scanned less and read more, your information about my concept would be thorough and well-debated.

But it’s not.

See, this was my first article on our culture of violence. It was published in May 2014. You’d know, if you read it.

My second article covers who is to blame for the culture we’ve created. It very clearly points no fingers to anyone but us.

We the people!

My third article to address our culture of violence was this article. It’s about child abuse and domestic violence. But I’m sure in your eyes, the victim is to blame.

It’s okay. I understand.

You’re Christian, right?

That makes your prejudices acceptable and justifies judgement. At least, that’s the message you’re sending.

Then, I wrote about violence going viral. No, I didn’t blame police, at all! I called the people to action to stop the violence by exclaiming,

These are our children!

If you ask me, the fact that you’ve “read” so much of my work and given it so much thought (clearly), tells me a lot about your love, your thoughts and your heart.

Actions speak louder than words.

After reading a ridiculously loud message of love, you found the hate and judgement. The same way in your article about the death Leelah Alcorn.

You see, with every single article I have written, I’ve used “we, people, us” etc.

I’ve reminded people that we are all human and I’ve plead to the people,

Tell them that you love them and they matter!

God called us to do just that.

Sounds like He has called you to judge. And the message that you’re sending speaks loads.

Doors closed.

If God has called you to be a light in this world, why is it that none of your posts reflect it?

We do have a culture of violence.

Some of the most horrendous acts of violence we see today
flow from the very mouths of people.

Much like yourself.

Keep your religion. I’ll keep my faith and choose love.

Love changes people.


34 thoughts on “Dear Christian Blogger

  1. Grace, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. We are not to judge. We are to Love as Jesus Loved… And you are right, “He would say, “I love you.” His Word tells us right from wrong but only He can change hearts and change lives. As Christians, we are not to be judgmental, for we are not the Judge. We also need to remember that all sin is sin… and we are all sinners and fall short every day. But for God’s Grace and Mercy… God is our Judge and He knows what has driven each person to make the choices that they make. He wants us as Christians to be His vessel from which His Light shines. It is not even our Light. It is Him and we can take no credit for any of it. We can take no glory and we can not judge. The best that we can do is share our faith, hope,and love with others. May God bless you, my sister!!


  2. Grace, i feel bad that good people , like you, have to have others send hatefulness.

    It surprises me that people have so much free time and extra energy that they can go around reading blogs, just to attack them.
    I guess it is easy for some people to make a living, while others are struggling to survive, and do not have the extra time to spend seeking out people to hurt. Especially people who were clearly not hurting them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s okay, darling! See, I’ve faced a lot of hate in my life. I’ve seen a lot of ugly places and a lot of ugly hearts. I had an ugly heart, too, myself for a while. But then I had a daughter. She’s one. She taught me the biggest lesson of my life: #LoveChangesPeople! Thanks so much for your kind words and for reading! You’re important to me! ♥

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      • You are a very good person. I think you are further along the enlightenment path than I am, as far as forgiving people. I feel very hurt when people deliberately try to undermine me and try to destroy my integrity and any authority I may have.
        Your response to me above was sweet. It was like you were trying to make me feel better. It shows amazing maturity of enlightenment for you you to be concerned for me, in the midst of this situation.


      • The power of words! 😉 Believe me, there are days when my heart and soul SCREAM the opposite! Then, I look at my daughter, and I remember no matter how weak or strong, good or bad, broken on shattered, tired or weary, I may feel . . . I MUST seek the purpose in it all!

        More often than not, I’ll be honest…. I stumble into it!


  3. I am so touched by this article, and I feel your pain. Some Christians are taught from their infancy in the faith to be critical and judgmental. Some denominations teach criticism and judgment. It is wrong and not at all what Christianity is all about. I want you to know, dear sister, that Jesus loves you. He offers forgiveness to all who will put their faith and trust in Him. We are all sinners, some saved by grace, some not yet, and some rejecting because they’ve been hurt by the church (and well-meaning Christians). Those of us who truly are Christians, trying to emulate Christ, are and will always be in this life, growing in grace and knowledge. We are to judge ourselves to make sure we are doing His will. We must first remove the beam in our own eyes before we can see a speck in someone else’s. We are all works in progress. God bless.


    • How Do We Feed the World’s Starving?

      LOVE changes people!

      It’s an honor to have you pick up my blog and help take a message of love global.

      Thank you. You matter!


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