Compassion. Take it viral.

A child who went to my school and lived in my neighborhood shot himself. He didn’t make straights A’s on his report card and he couldn’t face his parents.

His name was Sean Wilson. I didn’t know him personally, but my friends did. Two more children attempted to kill themselves following his death. Then, the day after Thanksgiving, I tried to kill myself, too.

Two years before then, death had shaken our town just the same. One of my best friends shot himself in the head while I was sitting in the classroom wondering why he was absent.

His name was Michael. I don’t know if the people in my hometown remember or care, but I do. I still drive by his house because he mattered to me.

Leelah Alcorn’s death has sparked conversation and attention around the globe. People keep talking about homosexuality and debating about religion.

No one is talking about what is truly important. Azalea Laverde put it into perspective:

We need to take into account that they have other kids who have to deal with this entire situation.

She was referring to the parents, but the truth is the same for Kings Mills, Ohio. When a child commits suicide, the devastation influences the whole town.  Especially the children. They need our hands reaching out.

Let’s make compassion go viral.

If you are feeling hopeless or suicidal, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255). For international support, please visit

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    • Donald, see how much you matter?! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! I plan to help this video gain more views! What if compassion went viral when people started realizing that they matter?! ❤️


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