Silent Love [Poem]

There’s comfort in your silence.

A peace not easily obtained.

As the soft hum of your breathing

Leaves every yesterday unnamed.

Time slows and the hours pass,

As the sun creeps slowly up.

But I stay, right here, in darkness,

A faithful follower of my thoughts.

Is this the way they say it feels

When a heart begins to fall?

The world spinning on the outside,

But for us, all time has stopped.

There’s comfort in your silence. 

I will not move, I will not blink.

I dare not breathe.

Lest I stir the only soul

Which in the silence speaks.

There’s comfort in your silence. 

So I hide my words away,

Raise my head, cast a smile.

Staying cautious not to love the one

My heart’s been loving all the while.

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