Fake Money, Fake Borders, Real People

I don’t have the most popular opinion when it comes to my political views. I have no binds to a political party.

Politicians remind me of preachers. They shout words that fall on deaf ears, and teach a message many say “amen” after hearing, but very few apply to real life.

I’m just an American girl. So, where do I pledge my political allegiance?

The People

When ABC News announced,

25 states are going before a federal judge in Texas to argue for a rollback of President Barack Obama’s expansive executive actions to spare nearly 5 million people living in the U.S. illegally from deportation.

I was disappointed that half of the country had a problem with people. Aren’t we all human? Don’t we all deserve to live in freedom? Don’t we all deserve peace, love and prosperity?

We seem to think Americans are the only ones who deserve that.

When Malaysian Flight 17 was shot down, the social networks, news and media, exploded with excitement. We tweeted, blogged, liked, shared and pinned, any article or video that voiced our own views and racism. (Yes, that’s exactly what it is.) Then, we waited for the next post as if it was our next clue for mastering the plan behind the conspiracy and chaos.

We did the same thing when the Pakistani Taliban murdered 132 children. It took less than 24 hours for the hashtag to stop trending. 

I began thinking on how many people groan, complain and debate, rouse the crowd, shake their heads and raise their fists, then do absolutely nothing to create changes.

I couldn’t help but wonder how that number would compare to the number of people who actually speak out, defend and protect one another, and then make a point to take action.

Mudslinging at politicians and angry political banter and rants are nothing but opinion and speculation.

Good for causing a scene, but ineffective in making a difference. 

How can we be certain what is given to us as fact is actually factual? We get our news from the television and the internet! Who controls the content? Who says if it is or is not allowed to be aired?

People with power who rank rank higher than most of the people. But we don’t think about that.

If Fox News reported it, we believe it. Then, we do what we know to do, we blame ObamaBut Obama is not a threat to our nation.

And while we’re displacing blame, there’s a real threat that running rampant. The threat that is looming over every country in the world is people.

We are the problem.

We’re walking around in a world filled with ammunition and pretending that nothing is wrong! We’re silent enemies masked as lovers — sleeping with guns.


When tragedy strikes our nation, I listen closely to the people as they express their opinions and fears. When tragedy strikes a foreign country, I listen even closer to the hearts and the words of the American people.

When we hear of terrorism, murder and war, happening in those countries, all of the sudden we’re reminded to protect ourselves. We begin to advocate for border control and debate religion, morals and money. We only stop to lend a hand for one reason: it impacts our imports and exports — our money.

The more people, the bigger the nation. But we have guns as locks instead and our feet firmly planted. It’s petty. Before we drew our lines in the sand, stood behind them and declared them as borders, we were all the same. We were simply,

The world.

We sing about the kindness and beauty of America, and we raise our flags, cover our hearts and pledge our allegiance.

Then, what will we do? Check our borders and raise our guns; closing our door and our hearts.

The Star-Spangled Banner, we sing it with pride:

“O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” 

But we don’t mean the words, we just sing the song.

When we hear of immigrants coming to our country and building homes on our land while imposing on our job market, and as we watch them walk down our streets and dare to chase our American dream…

What do our voices ring?

This is our country! These are our borders! This is our land!

In the meantime, while we are preoccupied complaining about money and illegal immigrants, idealizing scandals and theories, or rallying behind our opinions as we claim them as causes…

While we’re sharing every article, post, video and meme, that comes our way and as we shake our heads in disgust over issues, let’s face it, we really know nothing about…

While our eyes are glued to Twitter, Facebook, iPhones and television, in a final brave and heroic attempt to save the world…

While we remain preoccupied with other countries outside of our own and cross their borders whether we’re invited or not…

While we’re acting like children who can’t share the sandbox at recess. guarding our borders, justifying our biases and greed as we flaunt our artillery and power…

While we’re pointing fingers at everyone from the president to the governor; the IRS to school teachers; at Wall Street and religion; our home state to the senate, law enforcement, terrorists, foreign countries, even allies…

While we stand up to defend our freedom while simultaneously abandoning our responsibility as people…

Somewhere in the world, there’s an illegal immigrant desperately trying to cross our borders and become an American.


Why do so many fight against immigration? Money. We can’t afford the influx caused by immigration? Bullshit. We have no money? Bullshit, too! 

Our money is paper! It’s the same as Monopoly money. Except, we looked at our fake 10s, 20s, & 100s, deemed them necessary and declared them valuable.

We, the people, determined we needed currency to thrive. Now, we choke on the fear that money is only way to triumph over the economic landslide that’s become of our own Monopoly board.

We can’t afford more people? Wrong. We’ll just print more money! It’s just that you and I won’t see it or even be informed. We’ll continue to be told how the sky is falling, the world is ending, war is coming, and the end is near.

Then, we will do exactly as predicted and needed so that those who govern our nation can maintain the guise of control — live in fear.

One monstrous, manipulative clusterfuck of a carnival, and we’re the ones that keep buying a ticket to the show.

It’s takes more than unfounded accusations, passionate opinions, social media and exploitation, to create real changes. It takes abandonment of political binds, personal opinions, judgement and biases.

It takes willingness. It takes conversation. It takes courage and action. It takes more than just noise.

We would destroy ourselves with our very own hands before we will allow our financial or economic demise to come at the hands of another country.

That says a lot about about the heart of our nation.

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