A Quick Response To My Readers

I love to hear from people as they read my published works or respond to my blog.  Many emails I get are inspiring, uplifting and kind—moving even. Other emails are not nearly as positive.

Readers vent their opinion of the news stories and voice the politics behind their belief quite often. Some map out for me why they “respectfully” disagree.

The most common thing I hear is this:

I read your article. It was beautifully written but […]

Then, the writer proceeds to tell me why we have no freedom. America will never change. The world has lost hope and I should accept that.

This is my response.

I speak to the people.

I’ve never been a political person. I try not to allow situations and topics that I cannot change, verify or control, to consume my thoughts. I see politics as the part of the law that keep us divided. If we all followed the same written law we would have no reason to be at odds against it or each other.

But, somewhere along the way, we let go of ethical theories and practices and we started believing America should be governed around our opinion, our morals, and our preferred vices.

My voice is for the people and directed towards the people—a call to equality, justice, responsibility, and a call to action.

I grow exhausted with routine political dialogues and people who will challenge the law via Twitter, but never take it any further action to change it. We’ve become like cheerleaders, activists, and protesters. We want easy answers, quick change—magic answers. We’ve forgotten hard work and action.

So, I speak as a voice among the people, hoping to cause a stir, start a fire, or create conversation.

Here is why.

We avoid the real issues. We will focus our attention and blame on anything around us before we will look at ourselves and question if we are the problem. Of course we are!

So, we will just ignore the solution.

School shootings—it’s the guns.
Terrorism—it’s the president.
Poor people—it’s the economy.
Taxes—we work hard for our (fake, paper) money!

It’s not us. It’s not the people. It’s not war. It’s not people killing people. It’s not people lacking compassion, refusing to give to people. It’s not people thriving on material things like sports cars, big houses, iPhones, and the latest Fall fashions.

Homicide, crime, drugs, rape, poverty, war, injustice—

It’s not the people.

Children killing children? It’s not the family.

No, it’s not us!


If you want to know why I continue to be politically motivated, a good friend and two open eyes have helped teach me this—

We are the people!

We are not watching the world around us. We are the world around us! We make, mold and lead, the future generation!

Maybe. . . we’ll never truly be free. Maybe, we’ll continue to be ignorant enough to be at odds against all the issues that really shouldn’t matter at all and overlook the big picture that screams for our attention.

Maybe, the next president will save the whole world and economy and restore world peace!

Probably not, but we can pretend. Go on.

What I will do is this.

I will raise my daughter  to live like she is free.

I will raise my daughter to have a voice when she isn’t.

I will raise my daughter to give, and show her how to love!

I will teach my daughter to change the world around her. 

Keep your politics.

We are the people.

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