We Have A People Problem

Today this was picked up by Elite Daily, and was previously picked up by Raymmar.com!

So I just wanted to re-share it, and remind you again, that change for our nation begins with us!



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Uncommon Graces

“We the people” have a problem, America.

It’s convenient to focus our vexation at our country’s ever-present adversity on impractical venues such as government. After all, we can vote, complain, rant and rave, post bumper stickers, and invest in campaigns, but we really can’t change much. Yet, what do we do in an effort to make changes? We find someone who resembles ourselves, carries our morals, and will do what we want them to do (we think). Then, we go vote for our hopeful savior; signed, sealed, delivered! Whew! We did our part! Now, what’s for dinner?!

Six months later . . . we’ll find ourselves right back where we started.

We’ll point to the president, news and media, Wall Street, guns, drugs, poverty; anything to keep us from looking at the real picture:

“We the people” are  the problem!

The solution begins with us. If we cannot…

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